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Sector 7 plate collapses
An explosion believed to have been caused by terrorist organization AVALANCHE destroyed a large support structure for the Midgar plate, causing it to tumble down, destroying housing projects below. (Damon Pheenie | The Midgar Times)

Jean Pendo | The Midgar Times

SECTOR SEVEN—In an apparent terrorist attack, a bomb devastated support structures to Midgar’s upper-level plate, which caused massive chunks of metal and concrete to rain upon civilians below.

Initial reports from ShinRa security forces have the death toll ranging from the mid-hundreds up to multiple thousands.

The explosion comes just days after a Mako reactor in Sector One was bombed. President Shinra said it was no coincidence.

"I urge the people of Midgar to remain calm," Shinra said in a statement. "Security forces are conducting search and rescue operations."

The destruction, estimated to at billions of gil worth of damage, was mostly confined to the lower-income housing projects in Sector Seven. Both businesses and residences were crushed beneath the rubble in what Midgar Mayor Domino says is “The largest loss of human life in the city’s history.”

"We are saddened by the lives we lost today," Domino said. "We will rebuild. A group of murderers like AVALANCHE cannot destroy this great city’s spirit."

ShinRa’s head of public safety, Mr. Heidegger, echoed the sentiments, saying officers would stop at nothing to bring AVALANCHE members to justice.

"They’re all wanted men," Heidegger said. "The entire city will be searching for these people, and when we find them, the people of Midgar can rest assured they will be punished for their crimes. Gya ha ha ha ha."

The explosion was so massive, concussions could be felt from Midgar’s popular Wall Market District.

"There was this huge flash of light," said Johnny, who requested his last name be omitted due to fears of reprisal. "Some of us fell down and we saw the plate fall. It was unreal. Like something you see in the movies."



Wall Market, MIDGAR — Consumers are to be wary of an unidentified man selling inconspicuous amounts of “batteries” at the Wall Market weapons shop.

There are indications the man has been operating under the weapon shop’s roof for several days, completely unknown to the building’s owner.

"He was not authorized to be there," said the owner, who wished to remain anonymous.

The batteries are an integral part of an apparent extortion scheme, aimed at exploiting trusting shoppers.

The issue is being investigated by Midgar’s Better Business taskforce, headed by Mayor Domino, who was not available for comment at the time of publishing.

NEWS BREAK: Artist’s rendition of top AVALANCHE mercenary, Cloud Strife. Strife is believed to be a SOLDIER defector, is armed and extremely dangerous. Midgar citizens are to inform ShinRa police forces if Strife is located.

NEWS BREAK: Artist’s rendition of top AVALANCHE mercenary, Cloud Strife. Strife is believed to be a SOLDIER defector, is armed and extremely dangerous. Midgar citizens are to inform ShinRa police forces if Strife is located.

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A grey day at ShinRa Tower. (Photo: The Midgar Times archives)

A grey day at ShinRa Tower (Photo from The Midgar Times archives)

Jean Pendo | The Midgar Times

Sector Seven, MIDGAR — Members of the mysterious rebel force known as AVALANCHE have yet to be identified, though there are indications the ShinRa corporate military forces  have  pinpointed their approximate location.

AVALANCHE claims responsibility for the destruction of Sector One Mako Reactor, an act that caused at least 107 confirmed casualties. The body count is still being tallied.

More than one billion gil in damages, along with the loss of power to hundreds of thousands of homes have also resulted from the attack.

ShinRa News Radio broadcasted an emergency press conference shortly after the bombing took place. President ShinRa started the meeting to extend his condolences, but encourages citizens not to lose hope.

"An attack such as this will not be tolerated," said President ShinRa. "We can never replace the loved ones lost in this hideous act, but we shall not let AVALANCHE get the best of us. Mako Reactor One will stand again. These rogues will be brought to justice to answer for their crimes."

Following President ShinRa was ShinRa’s Public Safety Department head, Martin Heidegger:

"It has become quite apparent these AVALANCHE creeps are willing to take drastic measures in order to secure their demands. There’s no telling what — or who — they’ll attack next."

ShinRa has disclosed no formal explanation as to how AVALANCHE’s base has been discovered, but the corporation has determined eliminating this threat is a top priority.

"While nobody on the streets of Sector Seven is willing to outright say where AVALANCHE’s main hideout is located, it’s a certainty that they’ve holed up within the sector’s aged walls," said Heidegger.

An indication supporting this theory is a message spray-painted on Midgar Station’s western brick wall, near Sector Seven, that reads:

Don’t be fooled by ShinRa!
Mako energy doesn’t last forever!
Mako is the planet’s lifesource!
The end is in sight!
– Protectors of the planet: AVALANCHE

"AVALANCHE is not to be taken lightly," said Heidegger. "They are not freedom fighters and they are not revolutionaries. Their sole purpose is to terrorize and harass the citizens of Midgar. Don’t be fooled by their disgusting guise of environmental bravado."

The elite military faction known as SOLDIER, headed by ShinRa executive bodyguards, the Turks,  believe they will make short work of AVALANCHE.

The Midgar Times will update this story as more information becomes available.

Sector 1 Mako Reactor Explodes


A still from security camera footage of the explosion of Midgar's Sector One Reactor. (Provided by ShinRa)
A still from a ShinRa security camera of the blast (Courtesy of ShinRa Co.)

Jean Pendo | The Midgar Times

Sector One, MIDGAR—A nighttime explosion of a Mako Reactor killed an as-of-now unknown number of civilians and ShinRa employees.

Midgar terrorist organization AVALANCHE has claimed responsibility for the bombing and is warning of future attacks. The exact cause of the explosion is unknown.

Damage from the blast caused the reactor to collapse, scattering debris onto homes below. Authorities estimate at least a billion gil worth of damage.

Power to numerous sectors has been cut, leaving hundreds of thousands of residents without electricity.

While the cause of the explosion is still being investigated, Reeve Tuetsi, who designed the reactors, said it was not a mechanical malfunction.

Reeve Tuetsi"It was, most likely, caused by an explosive device," said Tuetsi, who is under contract with the ShinRa Energy Company.

ShinRa has not released a statement regarding the events.

The Midgar Times will update this story as more information becomes available.